Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vintage Spring Sweetness!

This week in the mail my Vintage Spring Sweetness package arrived from Terri at Grace Notes. I could not have been more delighted when I opened it. She knew just what I liked from pink glassware (with candy inside) to old sewing trims. Included was an adorable spring bunny and some vintage dainty embroidered luncheon napkins. Thank you Terri. I luv it all!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Showers

What is it about this cute little gal with the umbrella that calls to me. Maybe she reminds me of my daughter when she was small. At the first drop, she would run to the back porch with her new umbrella and stand in the rain. Or maybe it reminds me of my son when he was little. He had a new Cardinal Baseball umbrella from his grandmother and immediately took it outside to climb on top of the air conditioner and jump off in hopes to float like Mary Poppins. The umbrella did not survive the first attempt. There is nothing better than a good umbrella.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pig on a Blanket!

Over the years one of my favorite people has acquired the ability to turn shopping into a form of art on an admirable scale. There are very few I know who come close to being in her league. For years I made fun of her for it. Now, I am just in awe. Being her sister, I often find myself the recipient of some of the loveliest treasures she finds. For awhile now Linda has decided that for my personal sake I should collect pigs and always manages to slip one in no matter the occasion. This is one of her best efforts to convert me. This little gilt is so cute I have to smile when I look at her.

New Charms for Swapping

These are my latest batch for a charm swap. Next round, I would like to step out of my safe little box and try something different and more creative. Just not sure how or what yet.