Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fabric Paper - Project 2

While making my watercolor and painted pattern pages I had some doubts that the end product would be something I really liked.  I winced at a number of pattern pages I created.  But when I started to cut the pages up and sew the pieces together the paper seemed to transform right before my eyes into something fun and colorful.  

Paper + paper =

Cut + cut + sew + sew = whala!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pattern Book Cover - Project 1

It was fun sewing this little paper book together.  I even found a bookbinding needle buried in my stash of random sewing needles. 

Although I am not the best sewer around, sitting behind my sewing machine is in my comfort zone.

Sewn Patterns

Playing with paint....  The paint did not flow how I expected.  With no rules to follow I found this curiously more difficult than I anticipated.  I have always been better at duplicating than creating.  I tried to choose colors that are vibrant for my pattern pages.