Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Genie in this Lamp!

Even though it needed some TLC this lamp caught my eye at one of my favorite thrift stores for the total of $3.01. My heart pounded! When I got my lamp home I cleaned it up, played with the wiring a bit, and threw on a harp and the too small of a shade I had around the house. Not only does the top light up but a tiny bulb in the bottom lights up too! This little gem will be going into my new/old sitting room. I may not have any funiture to sit on, but at least I won't be standing in the dark.


  1. I love your looks so pretty with the bottom lit up! I'm ALWAYS thrilled to find a bargain...especially at my favorite thrift stores! Shop on!

  2. i wish there was a genie in there...we both could use one right about now!