Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lesson 3 - Patterns

Lesson three is a two page spread. This was fun. Fighting the urge to pull out paint, buttons or embellishments is much harder than I thought. I moved everything around at least a dozen times. I like it... but I still need to loosen up a little. I think I will try to do another spread using no people pics and make the background the main focal. Oops... that might be the reason for Lesson 3.


  1. really interesting elements on this one. you really notice the details in the elements more without the embellishments. but i know what you mean, i always have to glue "stuff" on a page before i think it's finished! sometimes it's nice to just let the elements speak for themselves! nice!

  2. How did I miss these? You're doing so wonderfully, I hope you'll post these to the Flickr group too!