Thursday, May 24, 2012

An Offer I Couldn't Refuse

A sweet cyber friend who was my first craft swap partner ever invited me to participate in a fun swap. Of course I said yes!  I headed to my craft cave,  dusted off my supplies, and was paired up with a very nice gal... Nan from Bubbles of Joy

Above is a picture of the fabulous canvas Nan made for me.  The colors are just perfect.  My new favorite color lately is any shade of aqua blue.  The canvas is a dreamy cream with a touch of pink.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Vintage bluebirds, butterflies and a sweet little girl.... what's not to love?  Thank you Nan!

For Nan, I tried to use colors to match her craft room...teal and red.   I painted my little canvas red and loaded it with things I hoped Nan would enjoy along with some of her favorite memories.  The queen in the middle is an old childhood friend... Midge.  The cute little butterfly is her mother.  Nan is on there too wearing a party hat.  I sure had fun making this for her.

A big hug and thank you to Joyce for putting this swap together.


  1. Hey Susie! Thanks again for your beautiful canvas and all the little extras you included! I posted about our canvas swap today too, here's a link!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Nan

  2. Susie...your canvas creation is wonderfula nd the one you received is beautiful too! This was such a fun swap!! I loved the piece I received from Linda!

  3. Hi susie~
    You and nan made wonderful collages for each other. I love all of the personal touches. Thank you for joining in on this swap! I will never forget our first swap you still have the crow? (Really, I didn't know you were afraid of them!!! I still play the CD in my car all the time)

  4. Both you girls really did a great job! I love both of your canvases. Such a fun swap!