Thursday, February 5, 2009

Charming Swap

Every other month or so there is a handmade charm swap with the Red Lead group. It has been fun and challenging trying to come up with something different each time. These were made from a small piece of an old quilt picked up at a local antique mall bought for making eye glass cozies.


  1. I'm loving it! Your blog is great except what are you doing up at 4:57 in the morning. I've just gone to bed a few hours before that. I agree about the cold weather! YUK! But I don't think it is over by any means. We will jsut get a tease.

  2. Susie!! Look at you. Great. Another blog to visit. And I always love what you do.

  3. Hurray!!! You have a blog!!! I am so happy you did one! I hope you are doing well. Don't forget to send me that recipe of your...please?

    Keep warm!

  4. Hi Susie! I'm so glad Bev wrote and alerted me about your blog. Welcome to blogland! I agree with you on the winter thing...I can't keep warm either. Today it's supposed to go up to 50-degrees. We will enjoy it while it lasts. Everyone is now happily hooked on your Chai Tea Latte mix-it's the best!

  5. I just realized that when I looked at these charms again, they have your "signature touch"-the button. I have my snowman sitting out that you gave me with the button on her hat :)