Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Treasure Box

Putting away some clutter today brought me to a treasure of thread box. It was handmade by my sweet, dear father-in-law for me many years ago. He loved to work with his hands especially if wood was involved. There is barely a room in my house that does not have a touch of his handiwork. Charlie taught me how to two-step and never said a cross word about anyone. He was quite a gentleman. God blessed me with the best of in-laws. I could not have hand picked them any better.


  1. That's such a neat thread box ~ don't you love something that is functional and nice to look at all rolled into one!? Plus yours has sweet memories attached to it ~ how special is that!

    I love your little quilt glasses holder from the previous post. I keep a small camera in my purse and something like that would be perfect for it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I see that all the time at your house, but I forgot the story behind it... he was a dear man.